Not as good as a cast resin mini.

High pigment, true 4K resin blended prints from some of the best designers in tabletop gaming. It all means minis in mind blowing detail and scenery of unrivaled quality.

We're not happy with cast resin quality: we want better.

The Machines

Getting the print

The machines

Our philosophy has always been print first. That means the latest 4K printer technology at true sub-40μm detail.

Ridiculous detail

Industry leading 35-40μm precision. True 4K, not low pixel-per-point 4K.

Details twice as small as a strand of hair.

Ultramatte finish

High pigment levels in our resin mean silky smooth painting that really picks up wash layers.

Paint unprimed if you want.



High spec.

Our custom resin blend uses a high strength fusion to form a heard-wearing end result.

Paints well and sticks around.

Paint ready

Small amounts of additive allow our prints to flex and not break.

Ready for rigorous tabletop sessions.
Authorised licensee of the biggest names in tabletop gaming design

Some of those we print for

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Prep, pack, guarantee

The hands-on bit

Prep, pack, guarantee

Three stage wash and cured - less sticky prints. Every sale covered by our 30 day Insanely Detailed warranty.

1. Ultrasonic detergent wash

Every print is dipped in an ultrasonic detergent bath for 5 minutes. The heated detergent allows the resin in your print to become flexible and for support material to detach easily from the model itself (reducing pitting and breakages).

2. IPA bath

A pure isopropyl alcohol bath for a further 2 minutes disolves any remaning resin not caught by the ultrasonic cleaner and denatures any excess pigment sitting on the surface of the print.

3. Attentive curing

A 45 minute drying period to remove all risidual IPA is concluded by a 10-15 minute deep curing cycle in our UV chambers to ensure your print is ready to prime or paint directly.

4. Careful inspection

Before packing your print into its box a six point inspection is carried out and any exceptions are noted on our included QC card.

“Beautifully printed models, dispatched in excellent packaging. First class service.”



“What a fantastics experience buying from you was. 10/10, the models look amazing, Harry was very responsive and kept me up to date.

An excellent service that I cannot recommend enough.”



“The resin feels great, sturdy with a bit of give and the size is perfect.[..]”



The Ratwatch


Hajime, Hanzaki Shinobi


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Insanely Detailed Guarantee, 72 hour turnaround, ultra-matte <40μm detail.