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    Archvillain Games
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    The Affliction: Outbreak
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    March 2021
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The Ratwatch

Archvillain have continued their impressive streak of producing some seriously impressive minis that live in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

We lightly clean and check prints before photography so as to give an accurate representation of what our production prints look like.

The Ratwatch pose C
The Ratwatch pose A

No comprimises on smaller minis

Like all of our sub-70mm minis (this member of the Ratwatch is a 32mm basing) this was printed a 30um layer height on one of our high DPI machines. Giving an overall resolution of around 35x 30um.

Despite being only a little larger than a pot of Citadel drybrush, an extraordinary amount of detail has been crammed into this mini.

Custom 32mm bases
Shield detailing
Unique bases for each pose

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